College Next has brought the California Community Colleges and the California State University systems together to better transition high school students in California's Central Valley from high school to college and beyond.


"...a unified approach."

eloy ortiz oakley

Chancellor, California Community Colleges

The partnership taking place in the Central Valley represents a vital inter-segmental collaboration that will bolster the college-going culture in the region and pave the way for improved educational outcomes for students. Together the chancellor’s offices of the California Community Colleges and the California State University are investing in a unified approach to help students prepare for and successfully transition to college.

Timothy P. White

Chancellor, The California State University

A first-generation student, like so many in California, my undergraduate experience started at Diablo Valley College before continuing to the California State University and University of California. The new partnerships taking place in the Central Valley today represent what is possible when students’ college and career goals are met with the tools to achieve them. I celebrate school districts, colleges and universities throughout the Valley for creating these new opportunities. This is a clear example of our transformative power when we work together for students and communities.


"...new partnerships taking place."


"...starting in the 6th grade."

Laura Hope

Executive Vice Chancellor for Educational Services,
California Community Colleges

Our campuses are committed to using high school transcript data to ensure course placements that maximize each student’s opportunity to succeed. As we move towards defining clearer pathways for students to achieve their post-secondary goals, the first step is helping students to understand their academic and career options. The partnership taking place in the Central Valley is perfectly aligned with these commitments. Students throughout the region will use CaliforniaColleges.edu and its embedded curriculum to engage in intentional college and career planning starting in the 6th grade. This allows the most complete and timely transcript data to follow student and support the placement process.


Loren J. Blanchard

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, The California State University

The California State University is working to strengthen student success, increase graduation rates and eliminate achievement and equity gaps for all students. As part of our efforts, we are committed to the adoption of the California College Guidance Initiative throughout the Central Valley. This regional partnership provides tomorrow's college students with access to guidance and support as they plan, prepare and pay for college. As a result, students are better supported as they move through California's educational system and have the necessary foundation to be successful and earn a college degree.


"...students are better supported."