Our Partners


Unifying many secondary and post secondary educational institutions and programs requires robust collaboration among many different stakeholders. College Next is dependent upon the partnerships listed below that are integral to the program's success.



The California Community Colleges is the largest system of higher education in the nation, with 2.1 million students attending 114 colleges. Our colleges provide students with the knowledge and background necessary to compete in today's economy.


The Central Valley Higher Education Consortium is a 27-member strong organization that serves and speaks with one unified voice on policy issues that affect degree attainment for over 250,000 students in the Central Valley.


The Fresno Compact focuses community-wide efforts on preparing students for the increasing demands of society and the workplace. In doing so, it provides mechanisms for mobilizing business and community support of local public schools, and it acts as a clearinghouse for the sharing of information among school district, business, and community leaders.


The California State University is made up of 23 campuses across the state that educate 484,000 students every year. With its commitment to quality, opportunity and student success, the CSU is the largest and most diverse public four-year university system in the nation..


The California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) works to ensure that all 6th-12th grade students in California have access to a systematic baseline of guidance and support as they plan, prepare, and pay for post-secondary education and training.