The California College Guidance Initiative's (CCGI) approach is designed to smooth the path for each student as they progress from high school to college and career. With CCGI, student transcript records—as well as college- and career-planning data on—follows each student as they move through the education system. This provides educators the information they need to help lower barriers to success for individual students in real time.

Also embedded in is a comprehensive 6th-12th grade college- and career-planning curriculum that educators can use to facilitate grade-level appropriate lesson plans with their students. Students can use these resources independently to identify a career; learn which program, major, degrees, or certificates are necessary to work in that field; and find a college where they can pursue those interests.

By lowering obstacles many students face as they transition to life after high school and encouraging a systematic approach to college and career planning, CCGI and help to strengthen the education pipeline and prepare students for entry into the workforce.

Science student working in college lab.

real-time data to inform decision making


An example of the CSU and UC eligibility tool.