Our Goals

1. Help all Central Valley high school students graduate with clear post-secondary goals that are supported by a well-informed plan for how to achieve them.

2. Ensure students' academic transcript data follows them as they advance from K-12 into higher education to support important decisions about admissions and enrollment, academic course placement and financial aid.

College Next

Established with support from the chancellors’ offices of the California Community Colleges (CCC) and California State University (CSU), College Next makes the data-informed functionality available on free to K-12 districts in the Central Valley through the 2021-2022 academic year. By taking a unified approach to the adoption of throughout the region, Central Valley students will experience easier transitions as they move from high school into college and career. The benefits are particularly meaningful to high-risk populations traditionally less likely to attain a college certificate or degree. College Next gives Valley educators the tools and resources they need to facilitate meaningful conversations about the future that can change students' lives.

By working together as a region, the Valley is taking an innovative approach to removing barriers to success and supporting the students of the Central Valley in setting and achieving their goals for life.

A Valley -Wide Partnership to Increase College Success and Career Readiness

A Valley-Wide partnership to increase college success and career readiness.